Viz Gallery

Selection of data visuals I’ve made to go along with blog posts at Between the Pipes, and throughout other projects.

The Premier League is properly showing out this season

From the March 9, 2024 blog post

Locations and dates finalized for 2026 World Cup

From the February 5, 2024 blog post

One of the NFL’s sorriest franchises has a chance to finally play for the Super Bowl

From the January 26, 2024 blog post

Lions Elo

San Francisco 49ers enter NFL playoffs as Super Bowl favorites

From the January 10, 2024 blog post

SB Favorites
Composite Odds

Introducing the sports betting Odds Converter

From the December 3, 2023 blog post

Sports Betting

How To: Visualizing Nebraska’s record-shattering volleyball match

From the September 3, 2023 blog post

Nebraska Volleyball

The Padres are underperforming both expectations and their underlying numbers

From the August 12, 2023 blog post

MLB Pythagorean

MLB attendance is up for the first time in nearly a decade

From the July 31, 2023 blog post

MLB Attendance
NFL is King

Men’s Grand Slam tennis is taking longer than ever

From the July 12, 2023 blog post

ATP Match Lengths

Canada is still waiting for its first Stanley Cup in nearly 30 years

From the April 20, 2023 blog post

Canada Waffles

Chasing Europe: Brighton and Brentford are small clubs playing for football’s biggest stage

From the April 8, 2023 blog post

EPL Bump Chart

Hunting for value in picking March Madness winners

From the March 14, 2023 blog post

March Madness Value Picks
Efficiency Ratings
Conference Ratings
2023 Experts vs Crowds Table

The Super Bowl was the game we deserved

From the February 13, 2023 blog post

Super Bowl Win Prob

How To: Visualize Big Tech Stocks the Tidy Tuesday Way

From the February 12, 2023 blog post

Big Tech has Gotten Bigger
Stocks Animated

Complete Guide to Super Bowl Squares: LVII Edition

From the February 11, 2023 blog post

Super Bowl LVII Squares

Conference Championships Preview: expect closer games than we’ve seen in recent past

From the January 28, 2023 blog post

Betting Favorites
Pythagorean Wins

Delta is top carrier, JetBlue worst in WSJ Airline Rankings

From the January 22, 2023 blog post

WSJ Airline Rankings
Rankings Plot Development Process
2022 Airline Rankings Table

Niners-Cowboys will be battle of teams located far from their city namesakes

From the January 20, 2023 blog post

NFL Stadium Distances

Collin Morikawa collapses on Sunday at Kapalua

From the January 8, 2023 blog post


NFL games are tighter and more exciting this year

From the December 24, 2022 blog post

NFL Point Distribution
GEI Table

Jimmy Garoppolo is a better QB then people think, but the 49ers can win without him

From the December 11, 2022 blog post

QB Summary
2022 EPA Tiers
49ers EPA Ranks

NHL Season Preview: Avalanche favored to repeat as Stanley Cup champs, and other storylines

From the October 17, 2022 blog post

2023 NHL Point Totals
Strength of Schedule
Cup Odds Table

Pickleball is taking the country by storm

From the October 3, 2022 blog post


Quick Hits: 2022 NFL win totals and championship expectations

From the September 11, 2022 blog post

2022 NFL Win Totals
NFL Win Totals Trending
Conference Odds Table

R can do pretty much everything, even visualize Leo’s dating timeline

From the August 31, 2022 blog post

DiCaprio GFs

Ferrari has been dominant in qualifying, but strategic mistakes and reliability have plagued it on race day

From the August 6, 2022 blog post

Constructors Boxplot
Constructors Dumbbell Plot
Race Results Table

Tidy Tuesday submission: European flights

From the July 19, 2022 blog post

Euro Flights
Monthly Flights

Djokovic cruises to another Grand Slam title, while Rybakina of Kazakhstan surprises in a classic Wimbledon final weekend

From the July 13, 2022 blog post

Tennis Grand Slams
Grand Slams Table

The NBA playoffs have been a real snooze this year

From the May 27, 2022 blog post

Playoff Blowouts

The Battle of Alberta is back, and goaltending is optional

From the May 21, 2022 blog post

Battle of Alberta Elo
R2: Calgary vs. Edmonton

Storylines heading into the Stanley Cup Playoffs

From the May 2, 2022 blog post

Running Goal Differential
Performance vs. Expectations
Team Scoring Rates
NHL Scoring over Time
First Round Matchups

Brentford will stay up – can they do the once unthinkable and go top 10?

From the April 27, 2022 blog post

Brentford Matchday Rankings
EPL Goal Differential
Expected Goals vs. Actuals
EPL Market Values
MW33 League Table

My submission to RStudio’s 2021 table contest was included in the RStudio Community Table Gallery

RStudio Table Contest

How the 2022 World Cup draw shook out for USMNT and others

From the April 7, 2022 blog post

World Cup Rankings Table

A data-driven approach to why I’m picking Iowa to win the NCAA tourney

From the March 17, 2022 blog post

Experts vs Crowds Table
Efficiency Ratings
Conference Ratings

Revisiting Super Bowl Squares Strategy

From the February 5, 2022 blog post

Squares Heatmap
Squares Heatmap Quarters
Squares Histogram
Payout Table

The Divisional Round was one of the most exciting weekends in NFL history

From the January 29, 2022 blog post

Win Probability Graphs
GEI Table

A few charts to close out 2021 and stroll into the new year

From the January 15, 2022 blog post

2021 vs 2021 animated
2021 vs 2021 Line Plot
Step Count Bar Chart
Step Count Ridge Plot
Weekly Table

DeMar DeRozan is the Chicago Bulls’ fourth quarter, mid-range assassin

From the December 30, 2021 blog post

Four Factors
Win Percentage
Midrange Table

Drama fit for a Netflix show, Formula One championship comes down to the wire

From the December 10, 2021 blog post

Top 20 Drivers
Drivers by Age
2021 Constructor Standings
2021 Constructors Cumulative Points
2021 Drivers Table

Quick Hits: Early season NHL takeaways

From the November 17, 2021 blog post

Winning Percentage

A Week 1 tilt in (my opinion) America’s best college football town

From the November 14, 2021 blog post.

CFB Stadiums

Chartable takeaways for the upcoming NHL season schedule

From the October 11, 2021 blog post titled Chartable takeaways for the upcoming NHL season schedule. The plots below were heavily inspired by Owen Phillips’ work at his substack newsletter The F5.

Win Totals.

Predicted Win Totals.

Does Justin Fields solve all the Chicago Bears’ QB issues of recent past?

From the September 17, 2021 blog post.

Explosive Plays
Completion Rate by DoT

Euro 2020 (in 2021): An Italian Renaissance

From the July 25, 2021 blog post.

Forecast Table
Shot Quality Profiles
Forecast Distributions
Scoring Profiles Target Plot

Who holds the title ‘City of Champions’ in North American sports?

From the July 21, 2021 blog post

Championships Table
Actual vs Expected